4 août 2013

Projet 365

413 - Esprit de corps (A Better Human Being)
[source : Fringe Comix]

3 commentaires:

  1. Réalisation très touchante...voici l'espoir de revoir la Fringe Team :
    "Wyman notes that he meant for Peter's expression when he received the "white tulip" letter from Walter to be ambiguous. Did he recognize it or not? "Maybe someday there will be a Fringe movie and I'll explain some of the things that I want to explain, but I also wanted to let people make their own opinion. I wanted it to be as special to each person individually and let them make their own assumptions and live with it. I have a lot of story I can tell still and I love those characters so much."

    1. Moi aussi, je les aime beaucoup...

    2. Oui...Olivia et Peter ont de la bienveillance l'un pour l'autre. Comme dit la chanson "how deep is your love"...
      Mais aussi Peter & Walter, Walter et Astrid, Astrid & Olivia, voire Septembre et Walter.
      Ben on ne peut que les aimer beaucoup ces personnages. Il nous manque !